Electrical Drawing & Digitization

Electrical Drawing & Digitization

Some of the drawbacks of the manual ARCHIVING SYSTEM:

  • Retirement/Transfer of knowledgeable person dealing with drawings results in considerable difficulties in day-to-day work, particularly relating to drawing identification and expertise.
  • Base schemes required for modernization/retrofitting jobs not readily available, resulting in considerable difficulties and delay in work.
  • Locating the required scheme easily is time consuming and creates lot of problems.
  • Updating the scheme at actual, based on the changes made during the course of construction/operation becomes difficult.
  • Modifications, if any, done at local level, in the plant are not always recorded. Thus, as a result master references are not available.
  • Quick retrieval of information is not always possible.
  • Non-availability of master references results in longer time for fault finding.
  • Multiple handling of Hard Copies results in damage to the master copy and sometimes the same is also not readily available.

With the world of business going digital we are there to help our customers with the process of migrating Electrical Drawings to interactive digital format. The advantages of using our Migration Services to digitize electrical engineering drawings with logical intelligence in a single object-oriented database have been reaped by many of our past and existing customers. AMB has a commendable experience in Migration. To date, AMB has migrated more than 2,00,000 drawings & documents of different industrial sectors around the world.

In course of installation, training, updating and support to their clients, AMB realised that the potential of the software is not only limited to the Engineering companies, but has a great influence in the producing industries such as power, steel, refineries, cement, refractory etc worldwide. AMB, being the first in the world to identify this benefit, introduced the product migration with the then partner TCS Süßen Germany, in Europe and USA. As on date AMB is one of the biggest migrators for the exiting control systems. Even the documents existing in paper format can be migrated intelligently in E³.

Some of the customers who have benefited out of our Migration Service:

  • SALDANHA, Mittal Steel, South Africa
  • Siemens, Turkey
  • TKS-Schneider, Germany
  • Alu-Norf, Germany
  • MIDREX, Mittal Steel, Mexico
  • Electrowerk, Germany
  • TKS-Dolle, Germany
  • TKS-ROHLFS, Germany
  • T.U.MUNICH, Germany
  • Rourkela Steel Plant, India (Sample Work)
  • TKS-Grziwotz, Germany
  • DEMAG, Germany
  • LECHWERKE, Germany
  • ENBW, Germany
  • BEW, Germany
  • CEGEDEL, Luxemburg
  • SCHWAZ, Austria
  • Water Corp, Australia (Sample Work)
  • NRL, India
  • HEC, India