Enhancing Engineering Efficiency
  1. Develop and submit optimum plans for up gradation of design & engineering activities.  
  2. Standardization of drawings & documents.  
  3. Modernization of archiving system and above all solution for standardization, continuous updating of engineering documents and retrieving  
  of the some in no time from any spot within ones reach, etc.  
  4. Suggesting most suitable software to meet customers' total requirements.  
  1.Installation and commissioning of Softwares.  
  2.Training the users at spot in the application of the softwares.  
  3.Providing guidelines for installing necessary hardware facilities  
  4.Widening the application Network within the user’s premises through Node supported one Server  
  5.Introduction of concurrent engineering with appreciable time saving (40-80% depending on the nature of the job).  
  Automatic generation of support documents  
  1.Modification of the given Software, if required, to meet customer’s need.  
  2.Development of right solutions through appropriate programming (PPL & VB) to meet the customer’s requirements and implementation of the
  same at the customer’s end  
  Quality Assurance  
  1.Ensuring 100% error-free drawing through automatic checking  
  2.Providing complete & professional support documentation  
  3.Establishing ISO approved quality standards in engineering drawings & documents.  
  Development of new applications on supplied Software to meet a very specific requirement of customer, after through analysis.  
  1.Hotline support from our office through electronic media  
  2.Onsite support at customer’s place based on the nature of problem.  
  1. Provide training to clients engineers.  
  2.Training of fresh engineers of customers, if required, during the utilization.  
  3.Training engineers for digitization work in practice.
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