Enhancing Engineering Efficiency
  Migration is a process of logical and intelligent transplantation of existing engineering drawings & documents from available hard copies or soft copies to a CAE platform - efficient, reliable, quickly traceable and cross referential. These enhancements in the area of document & design management system have already shown significant benefits, saving up to 15% of the machine downtime during the time of plant breakdown or planned shutdowns in some areas.  
  Steps of Migration  
  Analysis of Customer's existing drawings and documents
Interaction with Customer for clarifications and approval
Migration of existing drawings and documents
Presentation of migrated drawings and documents to the Customer for Mid Term Review
Final Presentation of the Project to the Customer
Intimating the Customer regarding errors of existing drawings and documents
On-Site hand holding of Customer's engineer for utilizing migrated drawings and documents during operation
  Benefits of Migration  
  Reduced Document Searching Time at least by 50%
Reduced Fault Finding Time due to simultaneous access of all relevant documents
Up to 15% Machine Downtime Saving in case of Plant Break Down / Shut Down
On-site Access of documents through Remote Access feature
Notifications and Rectifications of errors in existing drawings and documents
Online Updation feature helps to avail latest documents any time
Easy viewing of drawings and documents through HTML, PDF interface
Red Lining possibility
Standardization of drawings and documents
Archiving of drawings and documents
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