E3 Series
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E3 series
  Eł View & View Plus  
  e3 seriesE³.view is a free-of-charge viewer for E³.series designs. E³.view allows users to distribute E³.series projects and data to other people and organizations where dissemination of the intelligent E³.series design data is desirable, thus allowing enhanced communication with third parties such as customers, manufacturers, subcontractors and maintenance engineers.  
  Eł.View Feature List  
  True Windows® environment  
  Simple to install and use  
  Reads original Eł.series Design data  
  Dynamic Pan and Zoom  
  Display/hide different object types on all 256 layers  
  Sheets stored in user-defined folders  
  Display multiple sheet Windows (cascade, tile, etc.)  
  Multiple views of same sheet  
  Preview window displays selected component or symbol  
  Preview window displays zoomed area of sheet  
  Display Component, Symbol and Connection properties  
  Ability to graphically display logical connect lines between corresponding connect points having the same signal  
  Ability to graphically display physical connections between connected points that have been assigned a conductor, but for which     no connection is shown  
  Unlimited Undo and Redo  
  Powerful search and highlight capabilities for signals, texts, cross references, symbols and components  
  Online cross-references for signals and components within drawing sheets  
  "Jump" functionality to selected or referenced object  
  Grid and Ruler display  
  Print and plot using supported Windows® drivers.  
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