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  E³ Schematic  
  E³.schematic provides a comprehensive, yet easy to use, solution for the design and documentation of complex control circuit schematics, along with the automatic generation of associated manufacturing and support documentation.  
  General Description  
  e3Eł.schematic's extensive setup capabilities allow for the production of drawings in any format to suit any internal, or customer specific, requirement. Components, Symbols and Configuration information are stored in readily accessible Microsoft® Access format databases and configuration databases can be easily created to accommodate different project, or customer, requirements. .

Eł.schematic allows for unlimited, user defined, attributes to be associated with the different types of objects in the design, e.g. Manufacturer, Part #, Description, Company part #, etc. This information can be used to quickly and automatically output reports e.g. BOM's, in any format according to requirements. Information stored in the design database, can also be exported directly into other systems within the design process, e.g. point-to-point wire lists for 3D wiring applications, wire lists for cut-mark-&-strip machines, wire label machines, PLCs, etc. e3

In Eł.schematic, objects, e.g. components, symbols, wires, etc. are assigned user-defined, unique ID's, which prevent the duplication of objects, thereby ensuring accurate, error-free drawings. In addition, on-line error checking functions for short circuits, over used components, etc. also aid the checking process.

With Eł.schematic, it is possible to have multiple drawing sheets open and active at the same time. As components and parts of components are inserted into the circuit, any associated cross-references are automatically displayed, on-line, no matter on what sheet they appear, or if the sheet is open or not. Inserting or modifying sheets automatically updates the cross-references without any user intervention.

e3Within Eł.schematic, it is possible to store standard circuits and drag & drop them directly into a new schematic. Device IDs, cross-references, etc. are automatically updated to correspond to the design into which it is inserted.

Eł.schematic is an integral part of the Eł.series suite, that links schematic design, panel layout, terminal diagrams, cable block diagrams and wiring design tasks into a single, on-line, design environment helping ensure accurate and error free documentation and, at the same time, increasing productivity.
  Electrical verification for wires, conductors and fuses  
  1) Calculation of the Fuse Size  
  – Calculates the required fuse size  
  2) Fuse melting time – Calculation of the Wire Ignition Point Time  
  – Calculates the required fuse melting time based on the ignition point time of the defined wire  
  3) Wire Conductor Temperature Check  
  – Calculates the operating wire temperature, e.g. in order to determine the wire’s life span  
  4) Calculation of the Permission Current  
  – Calculates the permissible current load  
  1) Calculation of the Load Terminal Voltage & Current  
  – Calculation of the load terminal voltage & current over the wire’s potential difference  
  2) Fuse Load Factor Check  
  – Is the current load lower than the rated uninterrupted current  
  3) Fuse Size Check  
  – Is the correct current value selected for the defined fuse  
  4) Wire Operation Temperature Check  
  – Is the wire’s operating temperature within the permitted wire temperature range  
  5) Check of the Permission Current  
  – Is the wire’s current load below the permitted rated uninterrupted current
  6) Fuse Size Matching Check  
  – Does the selected fuse’s rated current agree with the wire’s length, cross-section and rated current  
  Eł.Schematic Feature List  
  Automatic connection of components, vertically and horizontally  
  Automatic connection of multiple components  
  Automatic "insertion" of components into existing connections  
  Automatic "repair" of connections when a component is deleted  
  Maintained connections when symbols are moved  
  Freely definable connection attributes (e.g. signal, wire number, color, guage, type, length, etc)  
  Intelligent connection lines, knows connect points, has user definable attributes  
  On and off sheet connections with automatic cross-referencing  
  Automatic or manual wire numbering  
  Automatic, online, user definable, cross-referencing across all sheets  
  Multiple parent/child cross-reference capability  
  Support for line (rung) or grid referencing  
  Automatic insertion of rung ID numbers when drawing sheet is added  
  Automatic insertion of component IDs  
  Inserting part of a component, e.g. a relay contact, into a circuit, inserts the complete component into the design database.  
  Used and un-used parts of components identified by different colors project folder  
  Unlimited, user definable, component attributes  
  Global modification of component attributes  
  Intelligent Copy and Paste of existing symbols, components or circuits  
  Move, Modify, Mirror and Rotate routines, individually or in groups  
  JIC and IEC formats  
  JIC and IEC symbol libraries  
  Devices can be placed anywhere without any grid restrictions  
  Online design rule checks of short-circuit, multiple symbol assignment and overloaded components  
  On-line terminal plans  
  Changes in terminal plans reflected in schematic and vice versa  
  On-line cable plans  
  "Intelligent" component exchange. Checks for components with equivalent configuration. (e.g. won't substitute another relay      with insufficient contacts)  
  Schematics created using symbols can be quickly converted to components with corresponding configurations  
  Quick and easy search with "jump to" functionality  
  Standard "intelligent" circuits can be saved to user definable folders  
  Preview standard circuits  
  Direct, online interface to Eł.panel  
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