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  E Panel  
  E.panel provides a comprehensive, yet easy to use, solution for the design of control panel layouts and wiring and is the complementary application to E.schematic.  
  General Description  
  panelUsing logical data directly from the circuit diagram created in E.schematic, and physical data found in the component databases, E.panel allows for quick and easy creation of panel layouts and wiring. nts.

E.panel includes functionality to aid in quick and accurate design of control panels. For example, when starting the design of a panel, E.panel looks at all component attributes and selects only the components to be placed in the designated panel and then stores them in a "not placed" folder. As the design progresses, the placed components are automatically transferred to the "placed" folder

As another example, when E.panel determines that a selected component is of a mount rail type, the corresponding mount rail(s) are highlighted and the component can be simply placed on the rail by means of a simple Drag & Drop operation. In the case of terminals, all required terminals can be selected at once and placed automatically on the rail. panel

Within the description of panels and components it is possible to designate "no go" areas and height restrictions, for example, to allow for access for wiring into component terminals or access for cabling into the panel.

Within E.panel it is also possible to display graphically the logical connections between components within the panel helping determine the optimal layout of the components within the panel.

With the components in place it is possible to insert "intelligent" wiring ducts through which the wiring can be placed. One of the attributes associated with the ducts is a user definable "Percentage Fill" and E.panel will calculate the fill level and restrict the placement of wires once the set level has been exceeded.

panelE.panel contains automatic wiring functionality that uses the connection information from the schematic to automatically (or semi-automatically, as required) generate the wiring within the panel. This automatic wiring determines the best route through the cable ducting and in the case of looped connections, also determines the shortest loops to complete the connection. From this physical wiring an accurate from-to list can be generated that includes accurate wire lengths.
  E Panel Feature List  
  Automatic component selection from schematic diagram  
  Automatic and interactive placement of electrical and mechanical components (e.g. mounting rails, cable ducts, add-on parts)     with online verification  
  Online design rule checks for component placement (e.g. offset, height), routing, break-outs (drill holes), restricted areas and     cross-sections  
  Automatic placement on mount rails  
  Automatic placement and spacing of terminals  
  Automatic calculation and verification of cable duct fill according to cross section of wires and cable duct definition (width and     height)  
  Free definable graphic representation (e.g. component size, pins, cutouts, drill holes etc.)  
  Automatic and interactive routing according to signal specification (e.g. power, control signals, max number of wires allowed on a     pin, min/max wire sizes allowable on a pin)  
  Calculation and output of wire length with wire attributes (e.g. color, type, cross section)  
  Dimensioning (e.g. distance, horizontal, vertical, size, angles)  
  3D data output for 3D-CAD integration (e.g. interference checks, documentation, and Web VRML output)  
  Integration to cable cutting machines possible (e.g. Komax, CCMatic)  
  The 3D panel functionality within E.series is based on the common 2D functionality.  
  Models are placed using slots and mounting descriptions, as in 2D.  
  The panel sheet (base sheet) can be switched from 2D to 3D mode anytime  
  The 3D panel functionality within E.series is based on the common 2D functionality.  
  Online functionality.  
  Handling identical to 2D.  
  No separate component library.  
  3D MCAD expert knowledge is not required.  
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