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  Eł Logic  
  Eł.logic is an integrated, logic-oriented, Windows®-based soluton for the complete design and documentation of circuit boards. Hierarchical systems and/or modules can be created with Eł.logic. By using schematic modules, checked parts of circuit diagrams can be combined and used to create new circuits, which allows the user to design circuit boards more quickly and error-free.  
  General Description  
  e3Eł.logic accelerates circuit board design by easily managing complex dependencies. With Drag & Drop, devices or functional groups can be placed individually or with automatic functions.

Eł.logic pays attention to the user-defined signals and supports the design process.

The design of placement variants is also supported. With a simple mouse click, the different variants for the defined device can be switched on and off.

The user always has an overview of the design process. FPGA and ASIC components are defined as standard devices in Eł.series and the specific programming for signal definitions and pin names can be imported directly in Eł.logic. e3

Using schematic modules optimizes the design of electronic systems. According to the modular design principle, proofed circuits can be reused one or more times. Eł.logic pays attention to the correct naming of signals and devices.

In addition to the object-specific spacing definitons in Eł.logic, testpoint specifications can also be implemented. It defines how many testpoints will be assigned to a net. Here the testpoint pins can already be specified. These specifications are observed in the layout system and transferred back into the schematics. Therefore, the user is able to receive information about the layer and position of testpoints on the circuit board. e3
  Eł.Logic General Function List  
  Complete Creation of Circuit Diagrams (Schematics) for Designing Circuit Boards  
  Hierarchical Design  
  Supports Modular Design  
  Design of Placement Variants  
  100% Forward and Backward Annotation CIM-TEAM Inc. Board Layout System  
  Use of Busses  
  Definition of Buspins  
  Intelligent Bus Connections  
  Power Supplies (Supplies)  
  Automatic Device Assignment (Assign, Re-Assign)  
  Transfer of Pin Definitions from Programmable Devices, such as FPGA and ASIC  
  Unlimited Number of Defined Attributes  
  Simple Navigation over Signals and Devices  
  On-line Checks and On-line Changes after Modifications  
  Testpoint Specifications (Signal, Pin, several)  
  Used and un-used parts of components identified by different colors project folder  
  Transfer of Testpoints from the Layout (Signal, Pin, Layer, Position)  
  Displays Testpoints in Schematics  
  Free Reports (Parts Lists, Connection Lists, Module Lists, ...)  
  On-line Design Rule Check  
  Additional Checks  
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