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  Eł.cable provides a comprehensive, logic oriented, Windows® based, solution for the complete design and documentation of wiring, cabling and harnesses. With Eł.cable it is possible to create block diagrams under logic control, which provide an overview of all electronic and electrical elements. The connection of functional modules can be achieved using single wires, shielded or twisted cables and bundled cables.  
  General Description  
  e3Printed circuit boards (PCBs) can be connected with back-planes. In this case, Eł.cable reads the PCB design data of connectors and writes the back-plane schematic directly back to the board layout system.

Through various views of cables and connectors on different sheets, Eł.cable provides for the definition of assembly drawings or signal tables in addition to block diagrams. After modification of any part, all the various views of the modified object are updated automatically.

Many automatic functions prevent the user from making errors. Eł.cable automatically selects the corresponding connector or replaces the connected component after the modification of a connector type. A copilot, displayed at the location of the cursor indicates when a command can operate on an appropriate object, or if there is a collision.e3

After the definition of wire or cable attributes, e.g. wire color, diameter, shielding, length, insulation, stripping details, strip length, material number and assembly tool, Eł.cable provides the option to use cable types that were pre-defined in the component database.

The powerful graphic features make very detailed documentation possible. Graphical descriptions can be bound to individual objects. These graphics will be rotated or mirrored along with the bound object.
  Eł.cable Feature List  
  Complete design of wiring, cabling and harnesses  
  Multiple representations of cabling, e.g. individual wires, or multi wire representations  
  Different views of components for documentation purposes  
  Ability to graphically display logical connect lines between corresponding connect points having the same signal  
  Ability to graphically display physical connections between connected points that have already been assigned a conductor, but for     which no connection is yet shown  
  Cable assembly definition  
  Dynamic creation of cables  
  Drag and Drop addition of shields  
  Dynamically add additional conductors to existing cables  
  Pre-defined cables stored in user defined folders  
  Unlimited definition of attributes  
  Free format of cable assembly output  
  Segment and/or net definition and reports  
  Single pin or multi-pin representations of connectors.  
  Automatic mating connector selection  
  Fitting part definition  
  Ability to "explode" connectors from single pin representation to multi-pin  
  Ability to "implode" connectors from multi-pin representation to single pin  
  Ability to have combinations of single pin and multi-pin representations of a connector  
  Design of block diagrams  
  Ability to split blocks on page or across pages  
  Ability to spilt connectors across split blocks  
  Schematics for back-plane layouts  
  Easy signal and wire navigation  
  Online check and online update after modifications  
  Import of PCB design data (connectors and signals)  
  Documentation graphics  
  Output of freely definable assembly lists  
  Export and import of cable types  
  Output for cut, mark and strip machines  
  Output to wire marker machines  
  Direct Interfaces to 3D Cabling programs  
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