Enhancing Engineering Efficiency
  "Through lack of automation, as much as 60% of budgeted engineering time is wasted."  
  The percentage of electrical engineering in relation to the development process as a whole has increased during the last few years. Therefore, the electrical design has become more important. The demands created by these ever increasing tasks can only be dealt with by an increase in efficiency.

However, an increase in efficiency can only be secured by intelligent and easy-to-use system functionality and a high capacity for integration.

1. Application-optimized Windows-graphical user interface ensures that Software can be quickly and easily learned and is consistent in use with other Windows products.

2. Online functionality liberates the user of routine work like cross referencing, language management and manual planning of terminals and cables

3. Integration with commercial IT-systems allows access to existing part data and spares the user the arduous task of creating part lists, BOM, etc.
  "40% of achieved improvement inefficiency will be lost today because of a lack of quality and associated repairs."  
  International norms and regulations force companies to meet high quality standards. This is true with regards to both the machine and the documentation.promis® makes a significant contribution to quality management:  
  1. Online functionality is the basis for perfect and consistent design  
  2. Automatic translation by the use of a language database and provision for different representation standards e.g. ladder-diagram and IEC-  
  diagram for the European market are prerequisites for international documentation  
  3. Integration with company-wide EDM-Solutions realizes both management of different versions and an electronic control over release  
  "Manufacturing and assembly of electrical enclosures can be rationalized by 28%with the use of suitable CAD-tools."  
  In the manufacture of electrical cabinets, the hourly costs and cost of materials can be considerably reduced. This refers to the mechanical manufacturing and installation, as much as to writing and test.

Requisite is the availability and usage of automated tools for manufacturing and wire-treatment as well as the automatic generation of the manufacturing documentation.
  Our products exhausts the rationalization potentials of automated manufacturing:  
  1. Terminal plans, wiring-diagrams and connection lists are the practice- oriented documentation for efficient wiring.  
  2. Order-specific cabinets can be derived from standard layouts quickly and error-free via comfortable update-mechanisms  
  3. Automatic calculation of wire lengths, auto routing mechanisms and data transfer to CAW-robots lowers the cost of field wire production and  
  reduces the need and waste of wires and cables dramatically  
  Save 70% of your design and documentation time  
  1.Single and 3 phase line generator  
  2.Logic/Drawing lines & Real-time cross reference  
  3.DIN symbol library & MACRO library  
  4.Cut and paste routines & Automatic Device ID assignment  
  5.Interface to AutoCAD 2000  
  6.Auto generation of  
  -------Bill of material, P.O. List  
  -------Job Costing List  
  -------Wire Numbers  
  -------Wire labels and Device labels  
  7.Panel Layout  
  9.Terminal Block Plan  
  10.Cable Schedule for field wiring  
  11.From - to (point to point) wire list  
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