Enhancing Engineering Efficiency
  Advantages of using Promis for Electrical & Pneumatic maintenance  
  1. Terminal Block Modification can be made easily and all subsequent documents will be changed automatically.  
  2. Changes in Location of Equipment can be recorded easily on the drawing and the document.  
  3. Spare cores for Cables can be shown in the Cable data. Contact configuration of a contractor can be changed in the scheme  
  as per the practical requirement for maintenance purpose and the corresponding documents will be updated very easily.  
  4. Maintenance may replace components from different Manufacturers depending on the availability in the stores. The related  
  documents e.g. Bill of materials can be updated automatically with new Technical specification which is available in the  
  5. Both the old and the new drawings and documents will be available with the revision at the same time. This will help in  
  meeting ISO-9000 documents standard.  
  6. All old drawings required for frequent use and modification can be made in soft copy and retained in the soft copy archives  
  for easy modification, retrieval and archiving with much space saving.  
  7. Updating of all drawings can be done easily at the shop level when any changes are made in the system to suit local / shop  
  condition. The building the soft copy archives lead to instant accessibility to the drawing and immediate fault findings.  
  8. Modification done in the control schematics during commissioning or maintenance are reflected automatically in all the  
  related documents necessary for maintenance. The original & modified drawings are available for reference.  
  9. Documents like Costing Sheet, Bill of Material etc. can be generated automatically and error free, for repair work estimation.  
  10. During breakdowns the relevant electrical documents pertaining to the area of breakdown only can be carried to the site.  
  This will enable speedy location of replacement parts from the documentation generated automatically on PROMIS.  
  11. Clearly and separately identifiable colors for devices and elements in a schematic drawing can be made easily in no time for  
  display at the machine site. This enables the workmen to locate the problem easily.  
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